Greetings from the symposium
Welcome to the Special Symposium
in Commemoration of Dr. Susumu Ohno
20 years following his passing
Satoshi Hayakawa M.D., Ph.D.On behalf of the organizing committee, I welcome the participants to the Special Symposium in Commemoration of Dr. Susumu Ohno 20 years following his passing. Dr. Susumu Ohno was a trailblazing scientist in the fields of genetics and evolutionary biology as well as reproductive science and immunology. In the past two decades, his friends, colleagues, followers and investigators all over the globe have been developing the research directions established and pioneered by Dr. Ohno. Notably, the advent of large-scale genomic analyses made the verification and codification of his foresight possible.
Dr. Ohno was an innovative thinker driven by his desire to understand the patterns that govern life. His insight into genome evolution outlined in “Evolution by Gene Duplication” remains a paradigm, continues to stimulate thinking and research today, and will do so in the foreseeable future.
This symposium has been originally scheduled for March 2020 --- but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to transform it into a compendium of video presentations commemorating Dr. Ohno and his work. With this, we intend to promote discussion and foster interactions among the scientists from City of Hope and Nihon University that share Dr. Ohno’s interest in genetics and molecular evolution, with an eye towards advancing his research directions into the 21st century. I will be particularly delighted if this symposium has helped to inspire and stimulate many young researchers, at our institutions and elsewhere.
Let me conclude by once again thanking the organizers from Nihon University and Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope.
Satoshi Hayakawa M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair,
Department of Pathology and Microbiology
Nihon University School of Medicine
Message from Midori Ohno

この度は、夫が他界してから20年の節目に、お弟子さんの早川・日大医学部教授が主催されて、特別なシンポジウムが開催されると伺い、とてもとても嬉しく思います。 シティホープからの皆様、大野にご縁があった研究者の皆様に、感謝申し上げます。大野のレガシーが世代を越えて受け継がれること、とてもとても嬉しい贈り物であります。 大野 翠 (ハワイより)

I am very pleased to hear that Prof. Hayakawa, former post-doctoral fellow in Ohno’s laboratory at City of Hope, has organized a special symposium commemorating my husband on the 20 years after his passing.I thank the professors from City of Hope, whom he worked and collaborated with, for presenting lectures at this special occasion. I sincerely hope his legacy will continue to influence next future generations of scientists. Midori Ohno (from Hawaii)